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Narasimha Reddy, ACP Malkagiri: Complete Profile and Wiki



Known For: Narasimha Reddy is one of the most corrupt police officers in the contemporary times. He has a track record of being involved in the worst form and inhumane policing.

Profession: Police officer. He has now been suspended. Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB) has raided many of his premises and properties.  

Career Milestones

Work Experience: Mr. Reddy has risen from a Sub Inspector to the Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP). He has no positive to show in his career. Still, he has always succeeded in getting timely and out of turn promotion. He was working as the ACP, Malkagiri when ACB has raided his offices and properties.

Expertise in: Making friends with politicians across political spectrum.

Personal Profile

Date of Birth:

Age: 51 Years

Parents Name and Profession: NA



Relationship Status:

Wife: NA

Interesting Facts, Controversies and News:

  • ACB has found properties worth Rs. 70 Crores under his name. They are still assessing his properties and it is believed that he has also amassed large chunk of benami properties.


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