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Surya Devi: Profile, Husband, Age and Interesting Facts

  • Surya Devi is a popular name among Tamil Social media users. Her popularity emanates from the fact that she abuses powerful people without an iota of shame.
  • She has been arrested many times for her online abuses against well – known personalities.
  • Tamil Nadu Police has recently arrested Surya Devi on the complain of Vanitha Vijaykumar. Ever Since, Vanitha, a former Tamil Bigg Boss contestant, married Peter Paul, Surya started to hurl abuses on her.
  • Surya Devi is married and has two children.
  • She is basically from Tiruchy.
  • She was also arrested in 2018 when she had posted at least four highly abusive videos on her social media accounts. In those videos, she was seen hurling abuses against the then BJP state President Tamilsai and then to the CM of Tamil Nadu, EPS. She was later released on bail.
  • At this juncture, Surya Devi is 26 years old.
  • Apart from abusing Tamil personalities, there is nothing positive that can be attributed to her.
  • Vanitha had married Peter when the later had not legally divorced his first wife. Surya along with Ravindar then started to abuse her.
  • Vanitha had also alleged that Surya is not a Tamil movie personality, but rather she is a drug dealer and has connection with many illegal activities.
  • Recently, Vanitha has shared intimate images of Nanjil Vijayan with Surya Devi. The leak becomes important because Nanjil had interviewed Surya and had said that he didn't knew her
  • Sometimes, she is also referred to as Suriya Devi.
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