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Aparna Gupta, IPS: Profile and Interesting Facts

Aparna Gupta is a UP cadre Indian Police Service (IPS) officer. She belongs to 2015 batch. Known for her oratory skills and debating qualities, Aparna has gotten respect and appreciation for being an upright and result oriented officer.

Profile of Aparna Gupta

Aparna Gupta was born and brought up in Meerut, UP. She was born on 5th July, 1984. She had dream of becoming a Software Engineer since her school days.

After doing B.E. in Computer Science Engineering, she did little bit of coding in a reputed consultancy company. However, somehow her plan got changed and she decided to give UPSC CSE a try. She was eyeing to become an IAS officer, which couldn't happen because of her rank and she had to get settled with the second choice - IPS. Fortunately, she had gotten home cadre. 

Kanpur Kidnapping Case and Aparna Gupta

Kanpur kidnapping and murder case of lab technician Sandeep Yadav will be a blot on the career of Aparna. She has now been suspended for making an error of judgment. Because of some wrong judgments of Police, Sandeep was murdered even after his family made ransom money of Rs. 30 lakhs to the kidnappers. 

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